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The members of the faculty uphold the ideals and standards of the college and strive earnestly to achieve the goals and objectives of higher education in Valliammal. Through their efficient academic work, guidance and supervision of curricular work, involvement in extra-curricular activities, they contribute towards the all-round development of students. They are conscious of the ideals of 'Truth and Justice' in all their endeavours.



Dr.T.V.S.Padmaja English

Dr.V.Surekha Commerce

Dr.C.Soundari Microbiology

Dr.R.Padmini Tamil

Dr.P.Banumathy Tamil

Dr.M.Arunambika Tamil

Dr.S.Saratha Tamil

Dr.Manju Bala Hindi

Dr.G.Gomathy Bio Chemistry

Dr.P.Kalaiarasi Bio Chemistry

Dr.P.Sujatha Bio Technology

Dr.S.Anitha Commerce

Dr.Jancy Suresh Commerce

Dr.J.K.Kalpana Devi Bank Management

Dr.M.R.Anuradha Corporate Secretaryship

Dr.K.Sowparthani Bio Technology

Dr.V.Vanitha Business Administration

Dr.P.Sangeetha Bio Technology


Ms.K.Geetha Tamil

Ms.V.Shobana Computer Science

Ms.P.Maheswari Computer Science

Ms.Prita Davidson Commerce 

Ms.R.Kavitha English

Ms.R.Subha Jasmine English 

Ms.Poornima Harinath

Ms.B.Thirupurasundari Bio Chemistry

Bio Chemistry

Dr.C.Soundari Microbiology

Ms.N.Gomathy Microbiology

Ms.D.Sumalatha Bio Technology

Ms.V.Shobana Computer Science

Ms.P.Maheswari Computer Science

Ms.N.Sundaravalli Computer Science

Ms.Josephine Arul Jothi Computer Science

Ms.S.Anitha Commerce

Ms.S.Kaleeswari Commerce

Ms.R.Vijayalakshmi Commerce 

Ms.P.Karthika Commerce

Ms.T.Uma Maheswari Business Administration

Ms.V.Sivagama Sundari Computer Science

Corporate Secretaryship
(Management studies)

Corporate Secretaryship

Computer Science

Ms.S.Loganayaki Computer Science

Ms.N.Mahalakshmi Commerce 

Submitted Ph.D. Thesis

Ms.Uma Rajmohan English

Bio Technology

Ms.B.Bhavya Business Administration

Ms.V.Nithya Priyatharshini Business Administration

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