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Dr.T.V.S.Padmaja M.A., Ph.D., PGCTE, PGDip.Phon.

It gives me immense pride that 2017 marked the successful completion of three decades of Valliammal College for Women. In our journey to impart quality education to women and help shape the society, this was an important milestone a moment for us to pat our backs to appreciate where weve reached given the humble beginnings we had, but also reminded us of the road ahead to build this further, improve ourselves and keep growing high while staying rooted to culture, morals and values.

Im pleased to see that our dedicated efforts to implement a holistic approach in developing and nurturing students has been paying off well. On the academic side, our students have got 52 University top 10 ranks and 507 top 50 ranks, while also being active partakers and winners in the numerous competitions, festivals and other on-campus and off-campus activities. By introducing new academic courses and providing exposure and access to new skill-sets, we constantly seek to keep our students updated and equipped to face the realities of the changing times once they step outside the college.

This magazine is a fruitful culmination of efforts from our students and offers a tiny glimpse of what they are capable of. I commend their honest efforts to use the freedom of thought and expression we provide to think, create and innovate.

I wholeheartedly thank and applaud our students, staff and Management for their support, teamwork and commitment shown in 2017. This is a clear indication of our potential to deliver many more decades of valuable contribution to our womankind, society and country at large. Lets keep marching forward with the motivation to manifest this potential into reality.

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